Glitz and Glam is Not Necessarily Life with God

Not really sure when this all really happened, but finding contentment in Jesus, for Jesus, has been a thing in my life more recently. I have been sifting through my mind in this season, what it means to live for Christ and what that looks like practically. Will I always be happy? Will things always…… Continue reading Glitz and Glam is Not Necessarily Life with God


Mental Health : a Reflection

It seems that now, with everything happening in the media with celebrities talking more about their struggles, along with media spreading light on what mental health is, and the uber popular “self-care” movement, mental health is a buzz word. To be aware of what is going on in your mind, recognizing that it’s not just…… Continue reading Mental Health : a Reflection

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This Is America

Its no secret that Childish Gambino is the latest individual in the lime light shedding light on the issues in America. From the heartless killings to the entertainment industry being used to blind us, America cannot avoid coming face to face with its ugly history. From the slaying of a native people, to the capture…… Continue reading This Is America


TwitterPinion – Sesh 1

Hello all! I deem this new ‘category” twitter-pinion (may even be loving called InstaPinion in some cases. A space where I will give MY opinion on what has come across my feed on either social media platform. Let me live.   John Jackson. A man whose lyrical ability had me thinking to pick a mic…… Continue reading TwitterPinion – Sesh 1

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Don’t Be Stopped by the 9-5

I’ve been working nonstop since I was 16. I know nothing else. You work, you go to school, you provide. But more recently, I have found myself gazing out of my office window, wanting, needing, desiring to do more. And as I sat at my work desk today, a few questions continued to swirl around…… Continue reading Don’t Be Stopped by the 9-5