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The Weight of It All

A few days ago, as I was taking a break at work, I do what I always do and broke out the highlighters and theΒ color pencils. I began to pray, and I opened my bible. I had read tweet after tweet, watched video after video and skimmed through news article titles galore. So much hate,…… Continue reading The Weight of It All


Is This How You Live Your Life?

One thing I’m extremely passionate about is diving into Scripture and reading it for what it was intended to say. What was the writer facing when Holy Spirit guided his hand to write the words? What was he experiencing? What was the historical climate. I believe it was a tweet of mine, but j am…… Continue reading Is This How You Live Your Life?

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Currently πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

IΒ don’t believe I’ve ever done a β€˜currently’ blog post. But since its been a while since I’ve posted in general, WHY NOT?! Celebrating Life! Things have been a little jam packed, but my 27th birthday was a month and a half ago! I’m in my late 20s! oh God! Everything happening at my church. God…… Continue reading Currently πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

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Silence Never Changed Anything

Think about it. What silent person have you ever read about in a history book? Or seen on the news? Or seen in a headline? To know what is happening around you, in your city, in your country, and just sit there can be categorized as many things. One, it is irresponsible. I’m not saying…… Continue reading Silence Never Changed Anything

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Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ : Bear Self Control

When I think of self-control, I think of discipline in all areas of life. Again, something I feel like I haven’t mastered or really got into a really good rhythm of when it comes to time management (vulnerable moment). But I also think of what the Word of God often relates this term to, and…… Continue reading Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ : Bear Self Control

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Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ : Gentleness

People love to say "truth hurts", until its their turn to get a dose of their own medicine and they want to be all in their feelings. "What happened to 'truth hurts' man?"GENTLENESS. It doesn't always mean soft. It doesn't always mean easy going. It doesn't always mean letting people have their way. Though these…… Continue reading Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ : Gentleness