At This Very Moment : My Current Thoughts

A very short post, indeed. But I beg the question: is releasing the dash board cam videos just the police’s way of shutting us up? I mean,  do they feel that they are giving us what we’ve asked for? When really, all every black person in America ever wanted was to be treated like the full human we are, instead of just being served with lip service that “at least you’re not recognized as the 3/5 person you once were.” 

I fear (unfortunately but rightfully so) for my future children and even my little cousins, nephews and nieces. I know that the world is in God’s  hands and I know He is fully capable of keeping us all safe. But what about those who aren’t safe? THOSE are the ones my heart aches for. It’s a burden that I often take to God in prayer. I know that He wishes to trade my burden for His. And I believe this racial tension is a burden of His. But when I think of these things, and see disturbing videos of a man being attacked by the police while still having a seatbelt on, I often feel my “mental health” trying to pry open the door of my mind. 

If you call yourself a Christian, and dislike/hate/fear another person because of their race, you are no different than the Europeans who stole this land and stole another people group to work it. Racism has no place in God’s kingdom. And God hates racism. 


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