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The Start of the Podcast List

Greetings fellow earthlings. I bring you what I have dabbled in BRIEFLY at the end of 2017 in preparation for this year. Check it out:   (In no particular order)   The Roommates (S) Native Speaks (Y) I’ve Got Something To Say (Y) Toure Show (I) Bucci Radio (I) Kairos Culture* (Y) Truth’s Table (S)…… Continue reading The Start of the Podcast List


What the Heck am I Going to Read in 2018?

In recent days, I have felt a push to take control of my education to a certain extent and to take responsibility for how informed I am. In addition to blogs, shows, articles and podcasts, I will actually read a book….or 12.   I feel that every year, I tell myself I am going to…… Continue reading What the Heck am I Going to Read in 2018?


2018: Happy New Year !!!

2017 truly went by fast! I can’t believe it’s over already. It was a very good year. Yes, I was met with opposition in ways I hope I never do again. I have felt pain I hope never resurfaces. But the overwhelming joy I felt throughout the year and have chosen to focus on has…… Continue reading 2018: Happy New Year !!!

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The Trinity

The Trinity. A word ever used in the Bible, scarcely a related word used only in the New Testament, yet a concept that is widely eluded to and also explicitly used within both Old and New Testaments. For those who believe that the creator of the universe is One, it can be a hard concept…… Continue reading The Trinity


Is This How You Live Your Life?

One thing I’m extremely passionate about is diving into Scripture and reading it for what it was intended to say. What was the writer facing when Holy Spirit guided his hand to write the words? What was he experiencing? What was the historical climate. I believe it was a tweet of mine, but j am…… Continue reading Is This How You Live Your Life?

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Currently 🤗😁🙈

I don’t believe I’ve ever done a ‘currently’ blog post. But since its been a while since I’ve posted in general, WHY NOT?! Celebrating Life! Things have been a little jam packed, but my 27th birthday was a month and a half ago! I’m in my late 20s! oh God! Everything happening at my church. God…… Continue reading Currently 🤗😁🙈