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Bear Fruit : Bear Faithfulness

Faithfulness. Faithful. Faith. Instantly when I thought of this word, I thought of how I have NOT been to this blog series. Kinda pushed to the side with my laziness. I haven't been as attentive to it as I had hoped I would be. But I'm reclaiming my time lol.The second thing I was reminded…… Continue reading Bear Fruit : Bear Faithfulness

Bear Fruit · christian · Devotionals · faith

Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ DOUBLE FEATURE

Because I SUCK at life and took so much time to write about KINDNESS, I am going to hit you with a double feature. So I present to you: Kindness and Goodness. Leggo!KINDNESSI’ve heard it put nicely before that there is a difference between being nice and being kind. Nice, in my opinion, is being…… Continue reading Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ DOUBLE FEATURE

Bear Fruit

Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ Patience

I have vowed to not to take the freeway to work, or going home from work. Honestly, taking the street way tends to be quicker. And why is that? Because people in my city can’t drive. I actually heard that insurance companies have deemed my city as a city of people who tend to be…… Continue reading Bear Fruit 🐻 πŸ‰ Patience


Bear Fruit : Peace 🐻 πŸ‰ βœŒπŸ½

A Peace the passes ALL understanding. In my opinion, you never understand peace until you have experienced tragedy or an unsettling event. If everything is always right in your world, why would you ever put your trust in something that has the power to make sense out of horrific events? How would you have a…… Continue reading Bear Fruit : Peace 🐻 πŸ‰ βœŒπŸ½

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Bear Fruit : Bear Joy

Count it ALL JOY my brothers (and sisters πŸ˜‰) when you go through crazy, hectic, frustrating, stupid stuff…. because if you go through it correctly, leaning on God for everything, you will come out with more patience. And patience is like a diamond: produced in the pressure.   Joy is a fruit that is dear…… Continue reading Bear Fruit : Bear Joy

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Bear Fruit : Bear LOVE

The motive behind your actions matter.       The motive behind your actions matter. Love. L-O-V-E. A four letter word that has tragically lost its meaning in our world today. It has been reduced down to flowers, boxes of candy and a huge teddy bear on Valentine’s Day. Reduced to a some type of…… Continue reading Bear Fruit : Bear LOVE

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Summer Blog Series : Bear Fruit

Hello all!!!! Ever heard the phrase β€œbear fruit” or “the fruit of the Spirit”? What does it mean to bear fruit? What kind of fruit? What if I don’t like fruit (said no one ever !!) Starting July 3rd, we will take an in depth look into the fruits of the Spirit as laid out…… Continue reading Summer Blog Series : Bear Fruit